Class cost $8/walk-in or $25/month for all classes during the month.


Tums, Bums & Legs Toning

Weight Training, Strength Training, Resistance Training

 In this class, Sher pulls out all the workout apparatuses we have in the basement and incorporate them into our current workout to reach our goal of tightening and toning. This is a Weight Training, Resistance Training and a Strength Training class. A low impact but very effective workout that is designed to bring you back to the days of your youth! We use the hula hoops, jump ropes, hand balls, Thighmaster, Pilate ring, just to name a few to put a smile on your face as we go down memory lane. Each session will be using different pieces of equipment to work out the core. We are all under construction, a work in progress, an unfinished business! It’s easy to lose your way. We use Fit Bands and Wonder Arms to work out our underarms so we can wear our strapless dresses with confidence. Did you know that Menopause will add pounds to you as well? To minimize the hot flashes, mood swings and excessive weight gain, you must step up your activity level and add Weight Training to reduce the loss of muscles. It happens before you know it. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t wait until you are desperate before you accept that you must do something to live. Don’t get stuck unable to move and have your being. Re-claim your mobility, your balance and your life. Change what you see and create what you want! Shop for your fitness place like you do a good pair of shoes. One size does not fit all. It is time for you to give yourself the gift of health. Change comes from starting. Your body is a reflection of your lifestyle…how are you living? Make a commitment today to love and embrace everything you are and begin your construction plan! Let’s get busy living our life, before the ability to enjoy our life leaves us!

If you have been praying for a place to go that will be comfortable and will work around your issues, Body by U is the place for you! Tums, Bums & Legs Toning will get you back to where you need to be, with accountability, your spirits lifted, and fellowship with like-minded people.

We are all under Construction...

We use Wonder Arms to workout our underarm section. Pilate Ring and ThighMaster for inside thighs and upper breast work. We use Warrior Bands to chisel our biceps and reduce back fat. We box, use jump ropes, hand balls for grip strength and Hula Hoops for hip mobility. We use hand weights and Body Bars for pectoral strength.  We use the latest music, including gospel and R&B to sooth our soul and we sing and dance to help us move through each routine. All to tighten and tone our body to reach the pentacle of a body well constructed.