Why is Detoxing so Important?

Body by U offers products designed to cleanse your body naturally.


a 100% natural and organic product that contains Holy Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marsh, Papaya, Blessed Thistle, Myrrh and 6 other ingredients!


With the busy schedules of today, we have become dependent on prepackaged food that allow us to heat and eat or we depend on the type of food that can be handed to us thru a window. Who cooks a full course meal anymore? 

You can burn off fat, but not the waste. The waste sits in our gut and toxins sit in our cells creating the pot belly. Our bodies need food to convert into fuel so that we can function normally. Detoxing releases waste and toxins, creating weight loss in 3 to 7 days. 

Add Detox Tea to your workout and see your energy and stamina sore...


What is Causing your Health Issues?

Do you struggle with weight, depression, acid reflex...? 

Animal fat has an adverse effect on your body. 

The chicken, the fish over the salad that gives the appearance of a healthy diet is just really a cover up for slowly destroying your health.

So how do you start making change that  gives you back your health?

A raw detox will get you off your medicines and start you on the way towards putting cleaner foods back into your system.  Watch what you put in your mouth! It doesn't always come right out. 

Let us show you how to eat healthy.


Te Devinia...the doorway to good health!

Are You Dragging, Having some Energy Issues?

As we mature,we will have issues from time to time and Body by U wants to help you find natural solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Our health and wellness company offers supplements that will build your system back up so that you can have a thriving life, able to accomplish the task you have before you.