Class cost $7/walk-in or $25/month for all classes during the month.


It doesn't matter what shape you're in

If U ready for change, then it's time to begin.

Be inspired & empowered at Body by  U!


We are a premium fitness and lifestyle change team, creating self-determination and self-change to inspire a community of active, confident women. Designed with your body in mind, Body by U seeks to inspire the active woman, by integrating high performance workouts and adding variety to carry a woman throughout her life in motion.

We are devoted to inspiring and educating men and women to look and feel their best. We are part community gathering place and part fitness studio. The perfect place to come and get inspired, together.

Our mission is to ignite a community of active, healthy, confident women who empower each other to reach their limitless potential. We believe alone we are strong, but united we thrive; bringing this to life through the fellowship of fitness. 

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Recognition in the Community...


In Jan 2019, Douglas County honored Body by U with an award for helping the community to get fit. After 3 years of service to Boundary Waters, our efforts were acknowledged and we were considered Douglasville's new up and coming entity.

Who is Body by U?


We are a unique fitness and nutrition group that wants to help you focus on U! Fellowship and accountability is important in helping you accomplish your fitness goals.  BBU is a  fellowship in fitness environment!

Class Descriptions


 We offer a wide range of specialty classes designed to fit your health and fitness needs. From Line Dancing to Boot Camp we offer you what you need right now, to reclaim your Temple!

Specialty Classes designed for U.


Bounce and Tone! A new way to shake loose clinging fat around your middle, tighten your inside thighs and strengthen your overall posture.

Designed to help you, not hurt you!


Got knee issues, hip issues, or just extra weight on the body? Needing a low impact, but effective workout you can do right now...? We offer you Chair Aerobics and Toning. 

Confidence & Sexiness is a state of mind!


Embrace your curves and stop hiding them. It's not about what Size you wear, its about how you Wear your size!

If you want to be healthy, inside and out, you simply must incorporate exercise into your life.

Bodies in Motion

ThighMaster Class.

Here's What We Think...

Start off with extra weight, and in no time, the weight is gone!


Change starts with a change of mind. 

With a made up mind, anything is possible. 

We are here to walk with you from where you are to where you want to go!

Together we make change happen.


When you are with others that are in the same place as you, it makes the journey much easier to do. Don't keep trying to do this alone, we have fitness classes designed for you!

There is no age limit for change!


When you get ready, we are ready! Let's make a change that will keep you fit, healthy and strong.

Your future is in your hands!


No more excuses...just do it!

Thinking of Contacting Us?


Our mission is to design a fitness program around the needs of the community. Contact us and let us be a part of your program as we motivate others to take back their health!

Waiting for U to show up!


We are the kind of place where everybody knows your name. We fellowship together, laugh together, and share our issues one to another. We look out for each other and share knowledge and wisdom.

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Self Confidence...can make or break any action. It's the difference between "I can't and I'm willing to try"

Body by U Fitness

(770) 546-9781


Monday  - Line Dancing       6pm - 8pm

                                              Tuesday  -Mornin' Move & Groove Zumba            9-10:30am

Tuesday   - Chair & Ball       6pm - 8pm

Wednesday  - Zumba 4 U      6pm - 7pm

                                                Thursday - Mornin' Move & Groove Zumba           9-10:30am

Thursday  -Boot Camp        6pm - 8pm

 Saturday - Zumba 4 U     9:30am- 11am