Class cost $7/walk-in or $25/month for all classes during the month.

This is what we are all about...


What We Offer U:

At Body by U we strive to bring you classes that fit your body style. No matter what your shape or what kind of shape you are in, we have a class designed with you in mind.

For the New Year, Exciting Week day Morning class...

We have a new Mornin' Move & Groove Zumba class. Designed to get you up and moving gently in the mornings. Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:30am til 10:30am. Join Spring and spring into your new day...

Need a Saturday Morning Wake Up?

Level Up with Val....come and unleash your inner dancing machine with body shaping movements drived from cumbia, merengue, salsa and hip hop. Zumba 4 U with Val Saturday mornings from 9:30am til 11am every Saturday morning.

All New Boot Camp Classes...

Sarge will be holding Camp on Thursdays. Starting with Boot Camp Basics for all of us wanting to get started, but have some issues. At 7pm will be Battle Rope Boot Camp for those wanting a more whole-body workout that gets your muscles moving in new ways.

Fit Teen Summer Boot Camp convenes on Saturday mornings at 9am for Teens 13-16 years old. This is a 60 min conditioning workout one day a week, just for teens. 

Urban, Soul, Country Line Dancing

Come together to learn the latest moves and exercise your whole body at the same time. Our Line Dance Professor applies a puzzle piece approach to fitness through dance that guarantees success!  

Tuesday is Toning...

Be it ball or chair or weight training, resistance training, or strength training or boxing, will be on our agenda on this night! We start light and move on to body sculpting and figure changing. Join us for Chair Aerobics, boxing, weight lifting, and resistance training tonight.

Our Leader

Sher Harris, CEO


Sher Harris was introduced to fitness after surgery on both feet in 1980. Pushing through it she started going to exercise class and before long became a Jazzercise instructor, certified through I.D.E.A. (International Dance Exercise Association) in early 1982 and received her first CPR certification through the American Red Cross. Sher took her health program to neighborhoods in Dallas, Tx where large health clubs were few. 

For more than 30 years, Sher has been teaching in recreation centers, church gyms, and sanctuaries from city to city. Sher aims to empower and inspire people to embrace their uniqueness and to live healthier lives. With a burning desire to minister to the whole being, Sher began by designing programs that were not only healthy, but fun! Programs that encouraged dancing with moves and music that uplifted the spirit! Sher has become one of the best and most well-liked fitness instructors around. She has received numerous awards for her work from the fitness industry, local community leaders, and the media. 

Well past her 60’s, Sher continues to teach 3 to 4 aerobic classes a week, participate in weight lift training and has appeared in several exercise videos and cable television shows sharing her passion for fitness, helping to inspire people of all ages on their paths to happier, healthier living. 

Sher has a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry and Counseling. Whether inspiring large audiences through fitness classes or ministering one on one, Sher brings her exuberance and passion for good health and fitness to every life she touches.  

Chair Dancing


Sher teaches Chair Dancing to help you lose weight, tone your entire body and feel energized from a chair, while having fun! 

This chair workout is ideal for those with a bum knee, a twinge of arthritis or for those recuperating from injury or surgery. 

Whether you wish to burn calories by getting your heart rate up, strengthen and tone specific muscles, or stretch and relax; our Chair Dancing class makes exercise convenient and fun. 

This is a safe, easy and fun workout that anyone can do. Experience the joy of movement again, feel the burn in this sweat inducing class that will improve your flexibility and cardio— seated in your chair. 

Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Join us as we work our way back to a strong and healthy body.

Tums, Bums & Legs Toning


This 60 minute class will specifically target your toughest trouble spots; your abs, your butt and inner thighs in a strength enhancing workout. Concentrating on your Hamstrings, Glutes, Hips and Core to assist in posture, body alignment, mobility and strength. 

This is how you tighten that tummy and firm those thighs.

Toning your body has never been simpler. This class is designed to strengthen and tone your abs and reshape your lower body in a balanced way. Shrinking and defining your tummy, waistline, hips, thighs, and buttocks using accessories including stabilizer balls, Thighmaster, Pilate Ring and resistance bands to create a fun, dynamic, group class experience to get you in-shape fast!  

Stabilizer Ball Class


This 60 minute class is all about toning your lower half. Your hips, thighs, abs, underarms, and lifting your breast muscles. It is fun and very effective. You will be amazed at the things you can do on your ball like skating, running, jumping, sit ups and so much more without a strain on your knees.

Ball Aerobics

Learning to work the ball is amazing. It tightens the entire lower body as you bounce and tone. We include the arms to maximize the workout.

And below is our latest workout called Warrior Bands that we use to workout our underarms, back fat and bra line! You will love it.