Class cost $8/walk-in or $25/month for all classes during the month.

Dancerciz Line Dancing


Line dancing with Warren Moon

On Monday night this class  that will boost your brain power, improve memory, strengthen bones, develop balance and release stress safely, while you laugh and have fun!  With our Georgia renown instructor who teaches classes all over Atlanta, you will be the center of attention at the next family reunion!


Monday night from 7pm to 8pm

Got 2 left feet? How many times you would have loved to join in the dance line at the wedding or family reunion, but didn't have the confidence? With this class you learn small bits at a time, and put them together at your pace, til you got the whole pie! People come for the fitness, but stay for the friends.


Taking LineDancing to the streets...

Learn choreographed line dancing while increasing your heart rate for a great cardio workout anywhere! There's a lot of fancy-looking foot work involved, stepping forward, backward and to the side, with some sliding and turning - but it's not so intense that you wont be able to do it. Line Dancing will also exercise your memory because dance requires us to remember patterns. From beginner to advanced, line dancing designed for the adult in you!